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How to Use Coconut Oil Eye Makeup Remover?

The best way to remove all forms of eye makeup such as waterproof eyeliner, shadow, liquid liner, dark shadows, long wear shadows and like more is using coconut oil eye makeup remover. Yes, this is 100% natural and a homemade way to remove eye makeup very quickly. At the same time, this method doesn’t cause any side effects, irritations and vegan free too.

Close-up of coconut

Close-up of coconut

Naturally, coconut oil is good for both health and beauty. Instead of using commercial products available in these days market, it is better to make use coconut oil. This is because most of the commercial product includes chemical to remove all kinds of eye makeup. In addition to that, it also helps to remove normal facial makeup too.

How to prepare coconut oil?

There is nothing to prepare coconut oil, but you need to extract oil from fresh and natural coconut. This fresh natural oil is more enough to treat from mild to strong eye makeup.

Procedure to use coconut oil:

In order to use coconut oil to remove eye makeup, simply follow the below-given procedure.

Step #1:

Prior to using coconut oil to remove eye makeup, you need to wash your hand completely with anti-bacterial soap.

Step #2:

Take small cotton balls to tip on the prepared natural coconut oil without any mixer.

Step #3:

Gently apply the dipped cotton on the eye laces and sweep out the makeup. Instead of using cotton balls, you can directly apply coconut oil using fingers.

That’s all!! You can remove even a darker and long wear eye makeup easily and thoroughly. This is a handy way for women and teenage girls to clear their eyes. No matter that you have sensitive skin or eyes, coconut oil helps you to remove all eye makeups.