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Best sunburn treatment

As prevention is better than cure, the exposure to sunlight should be avoided to avoid further damage to the skin after a sun burn. Sunburns will heal automatically in few weeks. To reduce the redness and pain, you can go for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They should be used as per the direction of the healthcare professional. When you visit a clinic, the doctor will subject your skin to a special skin test and right kind of medication will be prescribed as per the skin condition and ph value of your skin.

Woman with Sunburnt Back Image courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

Woman with Sunburnt Back Image courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

Home Remedies

You can use home remedies to get relief from pain and inflammation. There are various kinds of vegetables which include potatoes, cucumbers, green tea, almonds, salmon, tomatoes and carrots can be used in this direction. They can be used as preventive measures as well.

As severe sunburns will increase the risk of skin cancer, you should go for best medical treatment. You should take additional precautions to prevent sunburn in children.

How to get rid of a sunburn overnight applying home remedies? To reduce the inflammation, you can consume green tea. It is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. The harmful impact on your skin due to exposure to UV rays and sunburns can be handled in the best possible way by drinking green tea on daily basis. The primary polyphenol, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea has anti-cancer properties. The formation of tumor and its growth will be inhibited by consuming green tea on daily basis. If you drink two cups of green tea per day, there will be great protection for the skin.

Food items to deal with sunburn

  • Potatoes have great burn-fighting properties. If you are implementing weight reduction plan, you will not want to consume potatoes. However, they can be consumed moderately when you are suffering from skinburn. You can grate raw potato and it can be applied to the affected area.
  • There will be great relief by applying oatmeal on skinburn. Dry oatmeal can be wrapped in cheesecloth or gauze and you can apply the compress after running the cool water.
  • Pomegranate has great burn-fighting effect. It is a rich source ellagic acid and there will be protection from UVA and UVB rays. If you take pomegranate during summer months, there will be great natural protection to the skin from burns. The fruit has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Guavas will enhance skin protection. The fruit is rich in antioxidants. It is rich in Vitamin C which can heal your skin in an efficient manner. You are advised to take other food items that are rich in vitamin C so that there will be great impact on your health and skin healing.
  • Fresh organic tomatoes will have great impact in enhancing the skin condition. Your skin will be protected from skin damage in a very efficient way. If you consume them on regular basis, there will be natural protection from skinburns.
  • The sunburn pain can be alleviated in a very efficient manner by taking Lettuce. You should boil lettuce leaves, strain it and the cool water can be applied with cotton balls on the affected skin.